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Add sub folders of pages...don't want 100 pages in a list

If I have a site where I'm editing 100 pages, I don't want them all in a list...I need a little diretory structure.

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Phillip Peet commented  · 

        yes this would definitely be helpful... i think this feature should be introduced!

      • paulapatrice commented  · 

        def need to retain directory structure. with top tier pages, and sub pages, aesthetics aside... the page list can get very long and confusing to a client.

      • Rich commented  · 

        Any plans for this? Should be a fairly easy update, and would definitely make it more user friendly on the admin side. I have < 10 sites added and already need to scroll quite a bit to get to the bottom.

      • ccunnin2 commented  · 

        This is less urgent than the welcome email problem and XML bug, but as we add more sites, we should be able to at the very least collapse the lists by site. A very nice-to-have which should be easy to implement.

      • Tenchu commented  · 

        Definitely something that I'd like to have.

      • 82design commented  · 

        I really do love CushyCMS.. Well done.. This idea really would be great... Add Sub folders for pages and within each page opened up...

      • lspiro commented  · 

        Agreed. Definately needed!

      • riffian commented  · 

        Yes, I agree. The current system is a big problem for the future.

      • neagloe commented  · 

        Good idea. I would use it.

      • theVR commented  · 

        As I add more sites I see this as a definite plus - if for nothing else than to save eyestrain.

      • largestartist commented  · 

        Also agreeing, a simple javascript toggle feature to display the files or users for a given site should be easy enough to implement.

      • T.Kick commented  · 

        totally agree here too ..... not really user-friendly yet ...

      • saltysheepdog commented  · 

        I have a fine directory structure, but I'd like to be able to open and close folders so I'm not faced with a huge long list of files and folders each time. My editors already have to wade through enough stuff.

      • mpoyner commented  · 

        Mine uses my directory structure perfectly. Perhaps they have already fixed this? It may depend on server type, etc.

      • tantumonium commented  · 

        Most of us have a directory structure of sorts already... it would be nice if CushyCMS respected and used the same structure.

      • Vera commented  · 


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